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Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) is the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the greater Philadelphia region, encompassing nine counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They are implementing an innovative project to create a contiguous pedestrian facility dataset including sidewalks, crosswalk, and curb ramps for the entire region.

We are developing an online Pedestrian Planning Portal with tools that inform and engage the public, allow online editing of the pedestrian facility data (existing conditions), and allow collaborative regional and local project planning. We developed a simple web map interface for users to easily add, edit and validate sidewalks, crosswalks, and curb ramps across the MPO region. A mapping interface for regional planners leverages our Participatory Mapping tools, allowing them to create projects areas and prose new ideas by sketching on a web map, then view and share their ideas with other planners.

With our partners at MIG, we are creating a public engagement strategy and outreach efforts including onsite meeting, webinars, surveys, pilot groups, and user training and education.

Editing GIS dataset typically requires specialized GIS analysts using desktop software and complex processes. To complete and refine a pedestrian network this large requires input and from people with neighborhood level knowledge in every jurisdiction. Our solution is a simple, intuitive online workflow that allows anyone to find easily an area on the map, inspect existing features, and edit attributes or add missing sidewalks, ramps, or crosswalks. This enables users from jurisdictions throughout the region who have local knowledge to contribute to improving and completing these large datasets.

“The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) is working with Tierra Plan on an exciting new public engagement tool that is welcoming and functional, serving a number of purposes in a streamlined way. Kevin and his team are doing a fantastic job of listening to our needs and providing solutions that are above and beyond our expectations. The team at Tierra Plan is quite knowledgeable about GIS, database functionality, and web technologies. While it’s still early in our project, Tierra Plan is proving to be a great group to work with and have been quite responsive. We’re really looking forward to continuing to work with Kevin and the rest of the team and are confident that we’ll have a fantastic end-product.”

Kimberly Korejko

Tierra Plan | DVRPC Pedestrian Portal

Tierra Plan | DVRPC Pedestrian Planning Tools

Tierra Plan | DVRPC Pedestrian Portal