Map Driven Web Interfaces


Our specialty is developing dynamic web applications with maps that extend into external database systems and business applications. These range from simple business locators to fully functional web-based GIS tools. We provide a fully configurable web-based GIS toolset called Geode that is offered as a hosted service, or as an enterprise solution that can implemented internally. Geode is a database driven web-based toolset that allows you to expose your GIS data online. Geode is built to extend the ESRI ArcGIS server platform by being fully configurable and customizable.

In the energy sectors, Geode is used as a core part of the enterprise GIS and data integration system for exploration companies. It is also the technology behind a long-haul pipeline project management application, and it is being used for a large a Department of Energy uranium cleanup project in Utah, and for hydro-electric energy suitability modeling in Brazil. We developed a suite of custom web based storm water inspection applications for Encana Natural Gas, and we recently developed a slick map driven website for accessing real-time wind energy data for a large sustainable energy company. And we are currently developing a number of other of web-based tools for pipeline data and energy asset management that integrate with large non spatial data systems.

Tierra Plan also develops custom GIS web applications for different sectors. For the federal government we are developing GIS tools for the US Army Europe (USAREUR). In academia we recently developed a custom web-based demographics and recruitment tool set called the AAG ALIGHNED toolkit for the American Association of Geographers. in the non-profit sector we are developing advanced spatial analysis tools for the Foundation Center. We developed an award winning customized version of Geode for a real estate data and building data reporting system in Indiana that integrates various GIS datasets with disparate non-spatial building activity data. And much of our core technology is in use to support applications from companies including GIS Planning and Comcate, Inc.

We offer the full life cycle of development and data services from needs assessment, requirements gathering, interface design, database modeling and data integration, hosting, and of course website development. Our company is small, but is comprised of an elite staff of developers, GIS experts, and designers.

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