About Tierra Plan

Custom Websites & Mapping Solutions

Tierra Plan specializes in developing data-driven web mapping applications, building elegant and robust websites, and providing custom GIS and content management solutions. We help organizations efficiently integrate disparate data sources within user-friendly interfaces. We also provide online geographic intelligence tools, spatial analysis and decision support, real-time data integration, 2D and 3D visualizations, stakeholder engagement, training, management, and more.

We’re not an engineering or environmental services company with supplemental GIS developers – we are experts who specialize in developing custom, thoughtful, interactive online interfaces and geospatial mapping solutions. Our projects and expertise cover a wide range of industries and organizations, and we pride ourselves on our ability to understand client needs and deliver practical solutions.

As an Esri business partner, we help customers implement solutions for the ArcGIS platform. Alternatively, we also implement solutions using other technologies including Leaflet, MapBox. .NET, or WordPress with native database spatial technologies such as SQL Server, My SQL, and Oracle. We often integrate platforms to create an ideal hybrid solution that best meets the needs of each individual customer.

Our people are exceptional. Our staff consists of a select group with experience to bridge the gaps between traditional software development, system architecture, design, IT, GIS, database development. We’re also friendly, helpful, and easy to work with.

Tierra Plan Office | Data-Driven Websites

Tierra Plan Office | GIS Development

Our Partners


Tierra Plan is an ESRI business partner. As such, we can implement GIS solutions built upon the ESRI technology stack including ArcGIS Online, Portal, ArcGIS for Server, and ESRI’s programming APIs. We develop custom components for leveraging geo-processing and spatial analysis tools online, and we develop custom “widgets” for the ArcGIS Online web app builder framework.

Earth Analytic

Earth Analytic specializes in developing geospatial analysis tools for scientists, engineers, planners, land managers, energy and utility companies, conservation groups, and governmental agencies. We have partnered with EAI for many years, working closely to couple web interfaces and databases with advanced spatial analysis and geo-processing tools.

Corporate Qualifications

We provide services to clients accross a range of sectors. Some current clients include the US Army Europe (USAREUR), Santa Clara Valley Water, Monterey Penisula Water Management Agency, Caltrans, City of Santa Fe, City of Colorado Springs, Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA), University of Colorado, and GIS Planning Inc. to name a few. 

Tierra Plan is an LLC in Colorado, founded in 2009, and is in good financial health and Good Standing with the State of Colorado.