Story Tours

Work with Tierra Plan to turn your exhibit or tour into an easy to use mobile website that can be explored while walking or from any computer. 

What's included

Visitors can browse a map to view interesting locations and dig deeper into multimedia and thematic tours. Custom-branded, feature-rich, and tailored for your unique experience, Tierra Plan’s Story Tours will keep your community engaged in learning about local spaces. 

Helpful setup assistance

We provide friendly guidance to help you collect and organize your content and craft a mobile experience that will be as fun and engaging as possible. 

Easy to use web interface

Story Tours are map-based websites designed for mobile devices and available on all screens. We avoid the complexity of apps with an intuitive web-based solution that lets visitors dive right in. 

Support for all media formats

Captivate your visitors with text, images, audio, and video. Interactive 360 views and Augmented Reality (AR) can also be supported. 

Powerful interactive map

Story Tour maps can be customized to match your unique needs and branding. Maps show the visitor’s location, integrate with directions, and display your media points and tours. 


Alternate list views give visually impaired visitors using screen readers a way to navigate geographic stories. 

Thematic tours

Multiple tours are supported, allowing you to organize content by location, topic, or anything else. 

Historic photos

Share historic photos with side-by-side comparisons to current street view imagery. 

Historic maps

Let your visitors interact with historic map overlays. We can even help you digitize your old paper maps. 

Custom branding

Story Tours have an elegant, modern design that can be customized to best suit your branding and preferences. 

Hosting and customer support

We host Story Tours for hassle-free uptime and easy administrative editing. We also provide ongoing customer support, new features, updates, and bug fixes. 

Robust data model

Story Tours are designed to be highly scalable, meaning they can store any number of items and locations for your story. The back-end can essentially be a digital archive for your curated content. 

Foundational API

Story Tours have a built in Data API. An API is secure and standard method for connecting a website or application to data over the internet. Advanced users can use the Story Tour API to retrieve content for use in other apps or websites. Our tech team can show you how the API works. 

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