Resource Portals

Tierra Plan’s Resource Portals are designed specifically to meet the needs of agencies, resource managers, and utilities that want to use and share robust data within an interactive interface. 

What's included

Let Tierra Plan turn your disparate data into easy-to-use tools for internal and/or public visitors. Users can interact with rich web content, browse web maps, explore tables, and graph and export data.

Helpful setup assistance

We provide friendly guidance to help you collect, organize, and adapt your content and data to build a platform that’s as useful as possible. 

Easy to use web interface

Resource Portals are websites designed for all screens and all users. We avoid the complexity of an app with an intuitive web-based solution that lets visitors dive right in. 

Powerful interactive map

Resource Portal maps can be customized to match your unique needs. Maps display data points by category and location, as well as real time data. 

Alternate views and exports

In addition to viewing data on a map, tables offer alternate views for deeper inspection and exports of historic data. 

Skilled data integration

We are experienced in integrating data from diverse data providers. For Water Resource Portals, this includes systems like Kisters, Aquatic Informatics, Hydstra, LoggerNet, Mesonet, and more. 

Dynamic data visualization

Real-time and historic data can be charted, plotted, and graphed visually online. Graphs are colorful and dynamic, helping visitors better visualize and communicate data. 

Custom branding

Resource Portals have an elegant, modern design that can be customized to best suit your branding and preferences.

Hosting and customer support

We host Resource Portals for hassle-free uptime and easy administrative editing. We also provide ongoing customer support, new features, updates, and bug fixes.

Robust data model

Resource Portals are designed to be highly scalable, meaning they can store any number of data points. The back-end is a full database for all of your resource or utility data.

Foundational API

All Resource Portals have a built-in Data API. An API is secure and standard method for connecting a website or application to data over the internet. Advanced users can use the Resource Works API to retrieve content for use in other apps or websites. Our tech team can teach you how the API works.

Monterey Surface Water Data Portal by Tierra Plan

Monterey Peninsula Water District

Surface Water Data Portal & Dashboard

Surface Water Data Portal by Tierra Plan

Santa Clara Valley Water District

Surface Water Data Portal

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