Bicycle Master Plan for Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization

Bicycle Master Planning Tool

The City of Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization engaged Tierra Plan to design and develop an interactive web-mapping application for their Bicycle Master Plan. This project is bringing what was a static plan to life online, with interactive maps, tables, and performance indicators showing real-time progress as the City implements new bikeways and bike infrastructure. 

Tierra Plan is building a geodatabase model for Santa Fe’s bicycle master planning efforts, including a user-friendly custom web interface design, interactive web mapping tools, and participatory mapping features. The project also includes GIS Data management services and collaboration and review with inter-city agencies and stakeholders.


Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization 

"The Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization began working with Tierra Plan, LLC in 2017 as we sought to develop a new and innovative format for the update to the 2012 Metropolitan Bicycle Master Plan. The success of the plan had been the implementation of over 6 million dollars in bicycle facilities. Our goal was to develop an interactive on-line web based mapping tool capable of informing planners and stakeholders regarding the development and implementation of future projects. Today, not only does the Santa Fe MPO have that platform we are now able to envision how all of our primary planning documents can take advantage of this new custom platform. Tierra Plan was able to quickly and efficiently develop a user friendly and engaging format with multiple planning tools at our disposal. We appreciate the timeliness and efficiency of the delivery of their work products and their willingness to train stakeholders and are looking forward to additional elements developed as we work with Tierra Plan into 2019."
Erick J. Aune, AICP
Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization Planning Officer
Bicycle Master Plan for Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization
Bicycle Master Plan for Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization

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