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Joint Land Use Study

The Southern New Mexico – El Paso, Texas Joint Land Use Study (SNMEP JLUS) is a coordinated planning process that highlights the common interests of the region, funded through the Department of Defense Office of Economic Advancement (OEA). The SNMEP JLUS engaged Tierra Plan to develop an interactive web mapping platform for land use planning and energy project compatibility in a large region that encompasses six counties, three large military installations, and various federal, state and local landholdings. We designed and implemented a new JLUS parent website, an interactive web mapping platform including spatial datasets gathered from all the participating agencies, planning tools, and a suite of energy compatibility GIS data sets. 

A key component of this project was development of an energy compatibility model and map data for planners. We created map data that show relative compatibility values for developing energy infrastructure such as transmission lines, wind towers, or solar farms. This region is dominated by three large military installations, so airspace constraints and vertical boundaries are a critical consideration when planning on building tall structures. The complexity of the land management and airspace management in this region makes it difficult for energy planners to easily identify constraints for tall structures, or find points of contact for the various surface and airspace management agencies.

We created an intuitive Energy Planning Tool that guides users to define a proposed project area and run a compatibility analysis. Results from the analysis are returned in a tabbed report, showing high-medium-low compatibility ratings for both ground level and airspace intrusive projects. The report also includes points of contact for military land managers and other agencies that intersect or are adjacent to the energy project.

Twenty-nine geospatial data sets were used as inputs for determining compatibility ratings. Because energy projects often include tall structures, we also included military and civilian airspace datasets, and we created FAA Part 77 imaginary surfaces data for all the airports in the JLUS region.

The JLUS parent website is a user-friendly WordPress-based site that allows JLUS staff to easily manage public engagement content, event calendars, and documents. Content and links guide users to the interactive map, energy compatibility and land use tools, and project submission forms.

Another component is a secure project submission portal that allows developers to submit their proposed projects and establish contact with all agencies that intersect or are adjacent to the project area.


Southern New Mexico – El Paso, Texas Joint Land Use Study 

“Tierra Plan has been extremely proficient and accessible throughout our very time constrained project. Tierra Plan's staff exhibited nothing but a helpful, approachable demeanor and an attitude that never failed to impress. As the Co-chair of the Southern New Mexico-El Paso JLUS Implementation Committee, I feel I can confidently speak for the other partners in saying that Tierra Plan has been exceptional to work with and would be more than welcome to respond to any future requests!”
Daniel J. Hortert, AICP
JLUS Implementation Committee Co-chair
“I am writing this testimonial to show my very high regard for the work performed by Tierra Plan to support the Southern New Mexico El Paso Joint Land Use Study. I serve as the co-chair of the JLUS Implementation Committee and we hired Tierra Plan to help us update/revamp our website and design/implement a land use planning/renewable energy siting tool to help in early planning and promoting land use compatibility with the local military installations. Their work was of the highest technical quality and the entire JLUS IC is extremely pleased with the products they produced. Their customer support is outstanding and they bent over backwards to meet all of our requirements. The end result is one of the finest land use planning GIS tools ever created for a Joint Land Use Study. I highly recommend them and would not hesitate to do business me them again.”
Brian D. Knight, RPA
Directorate of Public Works, USAG White Sands Missile Range, JLUS Implementation Committee Co-chair
JLUS Website and Mapping Tools by Tierra Plan
JLUS Website and Mapping Tools by Tierra Plan
JLUS Website and Mapping Tools by Tierra Plan
JLUS Website and Mapping Tools by Tierra Plan

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