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The University of Colorado (CU) includes four campuses and hundreds of programs across the state of Colorado. The Office of the President wanted a data driven innovative web site that informs people about the hundreds of programs and the impact CU has state-wide. “What it really comes down to: We are all over the state,” CU President Bruce Benson said. “I think it’s important that people know that.”

Tierra Plan was engaged to create an interactive online web map application called CU for Colorado that visualizes CU’s impact across Colorado. The new site allows users to search programs by county, Congressional district, state legislative district, keywords and broad categories. It also details CU’s presence in each county by students, degrees granted, alumni, CU Advocates and patients served, among others.

Behind the scenes we also created a new centralized database for managing all the CU programs and impact statistics, replacing numerous disparate datastores that included multiple spreadsheets, databases, and time-consuming data management. CU staff can now easily manage their program information through an administrator web interface, updating the website in real-time and saving significant staff time adding and updating the hundreds of programs they are responsible for.

Other similar institutions create static maps and info graphics to visualize impacts, but the CU for Colorado application is a leading-edge approach to public engagement using data-driven mapping. 


University of Colorado 

"The University of Colorado system hired Tierra Plan to develop an interactive searchable web mapping site and administrative database for our CU For Colorado initiative. The experience CU had in working with Tierra Plan was highly professional, productive, and creative - all measured with realistic deliverables. We stayed on budget and met our launch date. The Tierra Plan team took on the project with genuine interest, care and a great attention to functionality and details. They always kept an eye on the user experience. The strong communication skills of the team at Tierra plan helped guide us along the way minimizing surprises. Expectations were clear and it made for a highly enjoyable working relationship on a very complex project. CU would highly recommend Tierra Plan. And, if we were given another project and opportunity we would employ their services without hesitation."
Michele McKinney
Assistant Vice President External Relations and Advocacy, University of Colorado Office of the President
Tierra Plan | University of Colorado | University Resource Mapping

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