Ute Homeland Exhibit by Tierra Plan

Ute Homeland Exhibit

We are honored to be working with the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum to bring the story of the Ute land to life in a map-centered interface that will be accessible on a large table display in the museum and everywhere online. 

The exhibit will use a map of the original 200,000 square miles of Ute ancestral homelands as the basis for exploring historical events that influenced band territory boundaries, the historic trails and seasonal movements of the Ute people, and the sovereignty and culture of the three current Ute tribes.

The museum is collaborating closely with Ute representatives on the content for the exhibit, and we are working with the museum to design and build an interface that will be user-friendly, sustainable for the future, and flexible for changes.

We are also working with talented Ute designer Justin Gilbert of Kuvua for brand design and icon illustration.


Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum 

Ute Homeland Exhibit by Tierra Plan
Ute Homeland Exhibit by Tierra Plan

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